Why have I decided to support the idea of establishment of the U.W.K. in Lausann

Published on 30/08/2014

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Dear Friend,

I feel the need, moral and human, to explain to thousands of people who were, just like you and me, governed by the principle "Koko no maki" - which has ours, yours and mine, destinies, tied to the act of the establishment of the U.W.K. To be clearer, allow me to say that in Fudokan, three categories of people, namely, students and followers can be noticed! The only real and true, worthy of respect is a category of extremely loyal members in Fudokan that, regardless of the overall price, were and are loyal and prepared to defend the idea of Fudokan like furious lions! All the difficulties to which they were exposed, not small, but because of exactly that, and guidance of their strong spirit made them even stronger! Raised up, they simply were regenerated! All the troubles that would appear, made them even more resilient, on that way they created a powerful force, as it happens in the nature of humans. They were like beautiful flowers of plum that flowers under the most difficult conditions - under snow and ice. With completely calm, cool and proud head, they have clashed with all the troubles and difficulties, not only in Fudokan, but in karate in general.
The second category is the most numerous and less important. These are the people with strong egos, wherefore I have never criticized them. They are in a gray area, because they were constrained by their own me! That was and still is a sloppy mass which rippled back and forth and to which life boat, one single wind was not good enough to focus them in this or that direction.
And finally, the third group, unimportant and irrelevant. It is the smallest, but the most immoral one! They are miserable merchants of morality and honor. For them, nothing is sacred and everything under the blue sky is for sale. They do not hesitate to swear and lie, nothing is honorable for them, obsessed with their own egoism and as such can never be good people of Fudokan!
All three categories are so present in Fudokan but that also gave me the right to surely choose proud, honorable and loyal men of first class! They, exclusively, belong to the elite - human elite patterned in the form of "Guardians of Fudokan style ". All of them have special and equal rights and after my death, they will skillfully and successfully guide the Fudokan ship!? For them, there will be no unsolvable troubles and storms and they will always sail into the world, which I have honestly have weighed my whole life!
At the funeral of my only successor, but for now the only designated heir Sochi Deshi - Dan Stuparu, in addition to many sincere mourners of Fudokan karatekas, many diverse people from the world of karate were attended. One of them was Vodek Kvishchinski. Frankly, I was surprised when he approached me and I admit that I was puzzled by his speech - Sensei, how are you? As if nothing had happened for the past 22 years. I would lie to myself if I would say that I was not pleased, on the contrary, but I didn’t forgot to tell him: Was it necessary for a good man to die , that you and would meet again after 21-22 years ?!
He told me that nothing had changed and that he is basically Fudokan. Regardless of the extent of his honesty at that time, one thing was for sure, he was really Fudokan almost 25 years ago - he was my student from the green belt to 5th DAN, on which I was always proud. I did not oppose to him to go his way, especially because I personally assisted for the arrival of Sensei Nishiyama in Poland. I have to say that my brother, Dr. Vladimir Jorga, was strictly against it. I thought then, and I equally think today, that all that was necessary, thus Vodek and the Poles got a chance to introduce themselves into the world of karate independently . I admit, they did it very well!
Over the years, they have collaborated with the ITKF, their staff, and I really did not have anything against it, that, in some way, they have "appropriated" Sensei Nishiyama. What I did not know then was that they have, as well as former officials of the ITKF, related towards Fudokan equally with defiance, after the death of Sensei Nishiyama! It was not clear to me what was the reason and why Jorgesen did that, especially because I have hardly ever knew him. For Vodek ,in a way ,it was closer to the understanding of such an act, but equally difficult to understand. It is not necessary to be a psychologist to understand the meaning of the principle of Shu-Ha-Ryu. Vodek approached the phase Ha! But, lets go back! Vodek asked to have a conversation with me, he suggested that we meet in Budapest. I agreed and the meeting took place. Somehow, at the same time we got to the hotel, he from Lodz, me from Belgrade. I have not said anything to my brother where I was going, he might not want to understand!
It was a nice evening. On the one side a student, on the other, Sensei and a friend. Vodek, asked me to be sure to attend a seminar in Stara Vies and the establishment of the so-called New Era of ITKF! I was surprised that it even came to that - he told me in detail explaining the real reason for the split up between him and Jorgensen. It was less important but what amazed me was the Vodek’s relationship towards the memory of the deceased teacher - Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama.
I was confused with the knowledge of the so-called monetary transactions of the ITKF, for example, not paying the required fees in the state of California; and more! All that sounded so unreal and so far to me, it was just not conceivable that he, Vodek, says it all. It was unknown for me, that he, with so much bitterness and anger, lowered in one breath! I was in shock! Have not Jorgensen and he been the closest associates of Sensei?! Honestly, I have not taken all that in Budapest to seriously and that's why I agreed to come to the Stara Vies and for that I am very grateful to Vodek. My visit to Poland at the same time was like a bombshell surprise for the remaining members of the ITKF (so called, old ones), that is, its officials, starting with Sensei Shirai, Macado, my brother Nedev, who hastily rushed to criticize me to somehow get me back on track. They asked me why am I helping Vodek, dissident of the ITKF and why does Fudokan gives all that necessary weight that Vodek’s New Era of ITKF didn’t had. In other words, I was a traitor of ITKF?! After all, to be clear, I did not have any function in ITKF and the Fudokan Federation until then, didn’t have any particular importance for the ITKF!
I have not felt loaded, not even a little, my and Vodek’s relationship, has just been and remained the relationship: Sensei - student!
I came in Stara Vies despite of very severe pain in my spine and right leg. Consequences of the trauma that I have experienced in Uzbekistan, have left visible traces. Here I must say that, even my closest associates, have related differently about my physical condition. Most were concerned but there were those who maliciously hoped that I will never walk again.
On arrival in Stara Vies, the reception was wonderful. Everything seemed like the time has somehow stopped. Many Poles who were still remembering me, sincerely rejoiced and were very curious to see how much I worth and what do I know?! Many of them from so called, younger generation, did not knew me, for them I was an enigma and their curiosity was so obvious. But there were also runaway’s from Fudokan - still remember their faces, astonished, with open mouth, and their head bowed, Dr. Savchenko, Surik, Rainer, and many others. Frankly, that was very amusing for me - they were not aware that then, and before, I have never attached any importance of them. I just amused me, they looked like little "petty thief’s" caught in the act.
The next day Mr. Nakada came. The man who lobbied for Vladimir and me regarding the recognition and award of the Order of the Emperor of Japan, surely for credits in the development of Budo culture in the world.
Nakada – Sensei tried extremely hard to protrude me into the foreground. Starting with the place on the so-called Congress, and on the photo shooting in the dojo with all participants. I was initially very pleased and I'd be lying if I would say that I did not felt good, especially when looking at the faces - of former Fudokan karatekas! He introduced me to all the diplomatic missions of Vodek in Japan, and not just in Japan - I was impressed! Then I was ready to take action, official, by law and strong that will affect the Congress of the WFF, as well as our President Mr. Rajeev Singh, to incline to the new era of ITKF. I do not want to comment any of my activities at the seminar, but if you measure with every applause despite the overwhelming pain, it is obvious that I have left more than certainly the impression worthy of their hopes and my position, that is, my status!
The Meeting - The meeting of all former Fudokan attendees as representatives of their nations, if the club is sufficient for obtaining such status, like Armenia, Austria, etc, and those who had power of attorney, especially when it came to South America.
The meeting had very interesting progress, for me more than surprising. Obviously, Vodek I was surprised, with the passivity and inability to make so called, revolutionary upheavals. Even then, I haven’t changed my opinion! But when the issue of the deceased Sensei Nishiyama was mentioned and when the present auditorium croaked loudly, that he was a bad man, and not only that, but that he took money of Federation on "crooked" way, which would later disappear. Many of which I did not know and did not wanted to know! I was most shocked with the Vodek’s exposure: ITKF is being led by a man of dubious moral status, a longtime so called friend of him, and that ITKF never had a statute (at least the last couple of years)! I understood Vodek and his concerns regarding the Ministry of Sports, which for years has been allocating huge amounts to ITKF organization in Poland, which had to be justified. He had enemies, many were present at this meeting, but he and I had a special kind of enemy, that is his favorite student many years ago and my associates to a certain time, which turned into a moral monster - Darius Baikowsky!
In me, there was a mixture of emotions. If I would charge with selfish ambitions, I just had to keep quiet: but I could not, all the more, because Sensei Nishiyama always had a decent relationship toward Fudokan and to me personally, so I owed him at least that! I stood up and said, briefly and clearly, that nobody here is competent to judge about dead Sensei and that's not the reason we are gathered here - time will be the best judge, after all, it's always like that! They can take this or that attitude and choice, that why they met, they can stand behind the NEW ERA - ITKF, which Vodek expected. But I cannot allow myself to hear hasty and arbitrary assessment toward Sensei as a man.
Sensei Nakada then held a brief and unusually angry speech for a Japanese. Noticeably upset, he darted on all those silent ones, especially Tabasy and American team with Fusaro, one of the oldest students of Sensei Nishiyama. I guess, because he was expecting the absolute support. He personally spoke to me during the stay in Stara Vies, insisting that I help Vodek. I didn’t care then, nor now , about the other side of ITKF (the old structure). Angry remarks also were addressed to my brother Vladimir from Shirai and many other members of the ITKF. It all regarded, where will defer the WFF. Personally, I was and am willing to help Vodek, but when it comes to Fudokan Federation, despite the fact that Mr. Nakada told me that I have the full right and that regarding the Budo, I am required to independently create and manage a huge part, titanium part, like a large ship, WFF Federation that is. I asked myself then, why have I and my students created this magnificent building?! WFF respectable organization with the Statute, declaration of establishment and the structure verified on the Congress in Prague 2013. With clearly elected officials, with the precise organizational Statute, so that now I would just say yes or no ?! I am convinced that my President of the WFF, Mr. Radjip Singh might accept it but I did not have the moral right for that. Have I loose in value as a person, leader and Sensei ?! Time will tell. In the Bushido code, the category of honor above all the other ethical and moral standards is highly marked, I could not do it otherwise, because on the one hand, is my personal interest (Vodek, Nakada and possible prestigious award of the Emperor of Japan), and on the other side currently the largest gathering of federations in Lausanne, as in a traditional, sport, but equally contact karate. More specifically, the general interest of thousands and thousands of people who have believed in me, should be taken into question.
Lausanne - Regardless of who thought what, it had and has an epochal and historical significance in the world of karate! The opportunity to be a member of Sport Accord, after 30-40 years, what deceased Sensei didn’t had a chance to see, seem to me, is a very serious present possibility. Federation of the WFF and its narrowest Board of Directors for urgent matters, took the affirmative attitude towards the organization meeting in Lausanne. It also could be a possibility of elimination of the extreme monopoly of a single man in the WKF. The man who allowed himself the freedom to blackmails and governs world karate as his private company like e medieval ruler. Realistically, that with the act of Lausanne his absolute power melts, disappears, this was enough reason for me to show up in Lausanne!
I hope that many of my students and friends, I am primarily referring to Vodek Kvishchinski, will understand and realize the reason for my commitment, with all due respect to Mr. Nakada. It was about realistic possibility that karate, the one that Sensei Nishiyama was talking about, finally, be verified on the best way and not only that, but to gain the status that he deserved long time ago!