World Fudokan Federation

The Federation was founded in Belgrade in 2012 by prof.Ilija Jorga on the principles of modern, transparent sports organization. It is builded on the best traditions of karate Fudokan style, focusing on the developing and unifying of Fudokan community.


Three ideograms of word Fudokan mean stability, hardness, robustness, house and home - Fudokan is the house with stable foundation, the house of motionless wisdom. Such will be WFF and we hope that each of you will contribute to the fulfillment of this basic idea of Sensei Prof.Dr.Iliji Jorga.

Officials WFF



Mr. Andrei Korolev
President of WFF






Declaration of foundation of Fudokan 15.3.1980 members:
Univ. prof. Ilija Jorga, M.D., Ph.D.,10 Dan         Univ. Prof. Vladimir Jorga. M.D., Ph.D, 9 Dan      

Dipl.Eng.Dan Stuparu
8 Dan
Prof.Vencislav Nedev
9 Dan
Hakki Kosar
9 Dan
Dipl.Eng.Rachmy Soebajo
9 Dan
 Zurab Merabesvili M.D., 6 Dan  



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PORTAL editorial STAFF 

Jiří Purš
1 Dan
chief portal
Aleksandar Simic
5 Dan
  Hana Soebajo
2 Dan





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