Official Results of 25th European Fudokan Championship 2021

Published on 21/10/2021
Author: Fudokan

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Championship organization

25th European Fudokan Karate Championship
For Cadets, Juniors, Youth, Seniors and Veterans
25th European Cup for children
3rd European Ikkaido Celebrations

Date: October, 2nd to 6th 2021.
Place: Katowice, Poland

Sanctioned by:
World Fudokan Federation
President: Andrei Korolev

Approved by:
Chairman of WFF
Univ. Prof. ILIJA JORGA, M.D., PhD, Soke 10. DAN
Founder of Fudokan and WFF

Technical assistant:
Sensei Igor Gajic 6. DAN

Hosted by:

Organized by:
Tournament Organizing Committee (T.O.C.)
of the 25th European Fudokan Karate Championship 2021




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