Belt with Obi-Strips

We are introducing a new collection of original OBI-STRIP© Fudokan approved Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga, Soke 10 Dan. The mission of the strips is to augment the achievements of international and national Fudokan traditional karate competitions and seminars Fudokan. Strips are designed to be placed on the obi©.

For easy mounting strips on the obi, we have developed and tested a special technology (see below), which allow their simple rotation depending on the latest achievements. For this purpose we have developed new original obi designed by Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga with integrated mounting pad. Mounting pad is also possible to sew on all other obi. Complete collection of OBI-Strips© and OBI© is protected by patent.

The basic division of strips: Champion, Seminar, Instructor

A. Champion strips

These strips have gold background with tiger head embroided in different colors and Japanese numerals in black. Japanese numerals indicate number of wins. Numbers are always with each option (eg when someone is 5 times national champion in kumite and 5 times in kata than he is allowed to wear OBI-Strip© NATIONAL CHAMPION + Japanese character 10)

Colour of tiger head is different for the World Champion, National Champion and Champion of the continent:

World Champion

GOLD background, RED tiger head


Master of the continent

(Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia)

- GOLD background, SILVER tiger head


National Champion

- GOLD background, WHITE tiger head


B. Seminar strips

Seminar Strips are differently colored (red, silver, gold) with the signature of Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga and other instructors certificated by Fudokan.List Authorized instructors is made by Prof.Dr.Iliji Jorga.

The colors of OBI-Strips© are divided by the number of completed seminars under various karate instructors

10 seminars

RED background color, 
WHITE Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga (or certificated black OBI-Strip© holder)signature,
WHITE head of tiger

20 seminars

RED background color,
SILVER Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga (or certificated black OBI-Strip© holder)signature,
SILVER head of tiger

30 seminars

RED background color,
GOLD Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga (or certificated black OBI-Strip© holder)signature,
GOLD head of tiger

C. Instuctors master strips

Instructors OBI-Strips© are awarded by Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga and representatives of the Federation authorized by Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga.

Master Instructor strips


Front side

BLACK background color - GOLD signature of the current instruktor - GOLD WTKF under signature

Back side

GOLD head of tigr - GOLD registration number

- Master Instructor strip is supposed for instructors who are allowed to make national and international seminars and who are allowed to grant strips at the national level according to the methodology of the national federations.

National Instructor strips


GREY background colour - GOLD head of tiger - GOLD registration number

- National Instructor strips are awarded in accordance with statutes of Fudokan member federations and are awarded by organs of Fudokan member federations.

OBI-STRIP is registered Trade Mark (TM) No: 011227832 (OHIM-Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market -Trade marks and designs).