Letter of sensei Ilija Jorga

Published on 12/04/2020
Author: Fudokan

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Dear athletes gathered in sports organizations, federations of different countries, no matter what you do, what religion you profess and what color your skin is, which is certainly not important at this time, let me address you, first and foremost as an athlete, a TAFISA ambassador, and professor at the School of Medicine, let me simplify, as your older and sincere friend.
We are caught up in this awful situation that tests us as humans; our philanthropy, humanity, as well as our ability to stand up in the name of morality and ethics that somehow makes us big and special. It no longer matters whether and how much will we jump, run, kick, swim, practice kata or kihon, but to what extent we will respond, lend a helping hand to the misfortunate people affected by this disease.
You have always been the elite part of society – you were applauded by spectators that filled the gyms and stadiums. Now there are none to applaud you, so let your kindness, conscience and willingness urge you on. Show and prove that you are true sons and daughters wherever you are.
You won’t gain anything in return, no trucks nor airplanes, but isn’t a big THANK YOU from your grandparents enough? Be there for them, show them that you care because no one else will appreciate it like they will. Stay in your homes, train, exercise, make phone calls to your parents and friends. If we want to get out of this situation, it is not enough for one person alone to make an effort, we all must participate.

Univ. Prof. Ilija Jorga MD. Phd



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