World Fudokan Federation

The Federation was founded in Belgrade in 2012 by prof.Ilija Jorga on the principles of modern, transparent sports organization. It is builded on the best traditions of karate Fudokan style, focusing on the developing and unifying of Fudokan community.


Three ideograms of word Fudokan mean stability, hardness, robustness, house and home - Fudokan is the house with stable foundation, the house of motionless wisdom. Such will be WFF and we hope that each of you will contribute to the fulfillment of this basic idea of Sensei Prof.Dr.Iliji Jorga.

Dan Stuparu

sensei Dan Stuparu, 8 DAN

(October 20,1951 - April 28, 2013)

Born on 20 oct.1951 to Ramnicu Valcea;
-Start practicing Traditional Karate-Do at Brasov in 1972 and in 1974 is direct student of Sensei Ilija Iorga;Vice-President of the European Federation of Traditional Karate;President of Balkan Traditional Karate Federation;President of the Romanian Federation of Traditional Karate;-International Referee I.T.K.F.categoria A,Kata and Kumite;-1995 Sports-coach;-Head coach of the national team;

Sensei Dan Stuparu is one of the pioneers of karate in Romania. Began to study martial arts with Mestre Dorel Coast, Brasov where a small group of parcticanti increcau to discover the secrets of karate. FRAM is one of the founders immediately after the revolution of 1989, martial arts were banned during the communist period.Along with Adrian Smith Sacele and instructors George Dragomir, Caesar Cotescu, Arustei Sorin Mircea Bolintineanu, Dan Smalberghen, Roxana Cruher, Nelu Nastase and Nicu Marandici lay the foundations of traditional karate movement in Romania find his followers especially in academic centers, Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Timisoara, Galati and beyond.

Direct the student becomes the master Ilija Iorga who brings a great contribution to the development of karate in Romania.Sensei Ilija IORGA (Fudokan President) and Sensei Vladimir IORGA (ETKF President) are promoters Shotokan fudokan in Europe and worldwide.Students, master of Shotokan Sensei Kase's promoters in Europe, Iorga brothers and a soul relationship with Romania, their parents were of Romanian origin but living in Yugoslavia.

Sensei Dan Stuparu, participate in internships since 1970 held by Sensei Ilija Iorga, founder of fudokan style (house foundations stable). Becomes almost a tradition attending training courses at Prohopchinschi / Yugoslavia, where many of the instructors in Romania accompany him.With the advent of democratic principles and the establishment AKTR Romania (Romanian Association of Traditional Karate), Sensei annual internships and Iorga you regularly attend major events in our country.In 1990 they founded FRAM (Romanian Federation of Martial Arts), which operates as a department within the Ministry of Youth and Sports.In 1993, the FRAM emerges FRKTDA (TRADITIONAL KARATE FEDERATION OF ROMANIAN AND RELATED SUBJECTS) he belonged: shotokan disciplines AKTR fudokan / tradtion karate, kendo, jujitsu, and karate shotokan WSKF.In 1997, on the recommendation of MTS, almost all disciplines will be established federations affiliated to the International Federation of style, set the FRKT (Romanian Federation of Traditional Karate) under the direct guidance of Sensei Dan Stuparu 8 Dan, president and technical director of its .
FRKT, affiliated ITKF is to date one of the strongest federations in Romania.

President of the Romanian Federation of Traditional Karate and member of WFF federation staff.

Marital status: married Martha,Names of Children: Dan Stuparu Jr.,Hobbies: motor sport, classical music, tennis, reading (historical documentary, politics, intelligence),Languages:French, Italian, English

Education:Faculty of Mechanics Brasov, class 1976
Awards:coach, international graduate school coaches San Diego, USA
Accreditations: ITKF - the technical committee, ETFSKF - Vice President, BTKF - President

Professional experience:

1976-1977 - Engineer Trainee SMA Spătăreşti, Suceava County
1977-1986 - Engineer ICPITMUA Brasov
1987-1989 - Vice FC River
1990-1993 - Coach federal F.R. Martial Arts
1993-2013 - Chairman of F.R.K.T.
2013 - 2013 -  Member of Preparatory Committee WFF


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