Condolences Sensei Paul Pintilie

Published on 12/01/2020
Author: Fudokan

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Dear Pintilie family,
My dear Romanian students,


With my sorrowful soul I learned that Paul Pintilie's passed away. The empty space left behind by the disappearance of a sportsman, coach, teacher, referee, the Vice President of the FRKT and especially a great friend is a huge one. Only a parent who loses a child can understand the pain of a coach losing one of his best students.

I find it hard to express by words what I am feeling now. If tears and feelings could be translated into words, it would be easier for me to write about losing such a dear Man.

His spirit, strength, generosity and smile will follow us from The Kingdom Heaven. There is a Dojo there that awaits him as he goes.

I’m asking Paul's family, his former and current students, and all his Romanian friends and karateka to receive the expression of the most sincere condolences from me.


Prof. Dr. Soke Ilija JORGA,