Addressing of Sensei SOKE Ilija Jorga

Published on 22/07/2013
Author: Fudokan

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July 10, 2013
Belgrade, Serbia


I’m addressing to all Fudokan karatekas, the big and the little ones, throughout all seas and continents in token of my true affection and appreciation for keeping the granite home of WFF – to say to you the following:

Be proud of your affiliation to Fudokan, the place that you can only acquire by hard work, sacrifice, unslept nights, many years of self-control and self-denial.

You have not allow for arrogant, hypocrite and boastful, fake “teachers” to hold you a lessons about morality, knowledge and your true devotion to Fudokan.

Heroism, moral strength, courage and fearlessness are the qualities of your Fudokan soul, especially as you have observed the difference, a long time ago, between moral and physical courage which has lost itself in quasi karate in the presence of countless charlatans and managers of all shapes and forms. The light of your emotional being is strong and it cannot be influenced by the will of self-proclaimed and quasi karate masters.

Step in to the war for your Fudokan against all distorted, immoral and false accusations, because you have the right, you have the mission, and if you succeed to resist hypocrisy and maintain the authority of Fudokan – your pride and your chastity are the foundations of Fudokan that is expressed through Sensei – Kohai relationship. Then you would go along the road of Fudokan karate Do warrior. There is no return from there because “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once” (William Shakespeare).

Fudokan is a home of a solid, granite volcanic rocks and this is exactly what you have demonstrated and proved by showing true ethical principles of Fudokan based on Bushido Codex:

Courage, Honesty and Loyalty.

So please do not forget:
“There is always a possibility for the coward to give up cowardice and for the hero to stop being a hero” (Jean-Paul Sartre)


Sincerely Yours