Sensei Rajeev Sinha – Fudokan Vision 2020

Every Organisation needs a vision statement which stirs the imagination and motivates all segments to greater effort. It is an essential step in building a consensus on a broad development strategy, which encompasses, inter-alia, the roles and responsibilities of different officials within the organisation. It must identify the potential risks and bottlenecks and their possible solutions in order to mobilise efforts in a focussed manner. It is clear,
therefore, that to meet these objectives, a Vision Statement has to operate at several levels of generality and specificity.

In order to address these issues, among others, I started this initiative that brought together over 10 experts from different fields and has helped to throw up a range of interesting possibilities, critical issues and crucial decision-points for our Organisation for future action.

Numerous deliberations, interaction and research examine many important issues, but the ones that stand out most powerfully are Finance, Technical Rules and Educational programs.

In order to ensure sound financial health of the organisation, we face the challenge of generating a minimum of 1 million dollars per financial year.

I hope that this document will arouse members’ interest and debate which will help us to refine it further in years to come.

Our vision of Fudokan’s future should be both comprehensive and harmonious. It must encompass all the myriad aspects that constitute the life of member organisations and its people. It must balance and synthesise all the divergent views and forces that compete in the pursuit of self-fulfilment.

It must be based on an objective assessment of facts and a realistic appraisal of possibilities, yet it must rise beyond the limitations of past trends, immediate preoccupations and pressing challenges to perceive the emerging opportunities and concealed potentials.

Most of all, our vision of our Organisation’s future should serve to awaken in all of us a greater awareness of our technical and intellectual strengths -which formed the bedrock of our past achievements and should form the foundation of our future accomplishments. Some of our traditions must change, but knowledge, in essence, is our greatest endowment. The vision should awaken in us an unswerving confidence in ourselves, a complete reliance on our own capacity as an organisation and an unshakeable determination to realise our full potential. A true vision cannot be a static written statement. It must emerge as a living and dynamic reality in the minds and hearts of the people and their leaders.

This vision statement of Fudokan 2020 may not fulfill all these criteria to our full satisfaction, but it can serve as a useful starting point and foundation for contemplating future possibilities and our destiny as a style. It can serve to indicate the broad lines of policy and strategy by which Fudokan can emerge as a far stronger, more prosperous and more equitable organisation in the coming years. This document draws upon many ideas and proposals. The vast scope and complexity of the issues prevent us from doing full justice to them in this

This vision statement is neither a prediction of what will actually occur, nor simply a wish list of desirable but unattainable ends. Rather, it is a statement of what we believe is possible for our organisation to achieve, provided we are able to fully mobilise all the available resources – human, organisational, technological and financial – generate the requisite will and make the required effort. In formulating our vision of the future Fudokan, it is important to see beyond the limits of the immediate past to rediscover the greatness that is Fudokan.
What will Fudokan be like 20 years from now? While in some areas we can confidently estimate quantitatively the outcome with a fair degree of accuracy, in some others we only know the broad direction. In still others we are unable to say with confidence the direction that future trends will take. We can only indicate what would be most desirable and signal the opportunities and obstacles that will arise along the way.

By 2020, the members of Fudokan will be more in numbers, better trained, better educated, healthier and more prosperous than at any time in our long history.