Prof.Dr.Ilija Jorga Soke 10 Dan – Status of Fudokan Karate in 2012

In the past year from 2010-2011, crucial activities were organized in Fudokan that have enabled a new understanding of Fudokan and the overall situation in karate. Two European and two World Championships, Eurasian Cup and numerous tournaments require a certain attitude and commitment in the general orientation of Fudokan!

The introduction of Kihon-Kumite, a new thing and that kind of a bold attempt is tied exclusively to Fudokan Kumite – which in our opinion can play a major role in the process of unification of karate. In fact, competition in Kihon is available in both ITKF Fudokan and the WKF. True, the techniques have the same names and are carried out in identical manner, and the possibility of merging really occurs, that is, that karate segment content is most important in younger age – a unique approach and determined the trial system, that is, assessment of competitors, does not create absolutely no problems, as for judges in ITKF-in, and also for judges in the WKF. The system of flags – to decide the winner based on the – position, power, speed, looks, zanshin and embusen, that is, the general assessment criteria and equally represented in WKF and ITKF – Fudokan. I am obliged to point out that the Kihon Kumite – tied to children’s age, is not at all contrary to the doctrine of traditional karate, defined by Nishiyama Sensei, as well as all the remaining variation of Fudokan present.

Kumite in formations that were presented on 4th world championship, have appeared in many forms – as I said, Kihon Kumite, Ipon kumite, Jiu ipon kumite,Kogo kumite and finally Kumite. Situated on a wide range and gradual maturing, that is, to form a complex Kumite fighter in karate.

Achieving therefore set goal seeks a new approaches of Kumite. Guided by a process of unification of ITKF and WKF, this sort of wide range of kumite and all controversies arising from standardization and ipon and wazamija can be solved by establishing a compromised introduction of weight categories. At first glance, hard-core traditionalists like me will resist, but the awareness that karate is not lost from its original value (Budo skills), the more they remain the standards of the award and ipon wazamija. Recall that in 1969 in Hamburg, were the preventive weight classes (dr.Vladimir Jorga) and have been adopted at the 1971 Congress of World and European Organization, then a single karate organization. We think, and we are certain that the doctrine teachings of Grandmaster Hidetaka Nishiyama without prejudice to the question that way! For us there is above all an equal ipon – or Budo attitude characterized as one step or one death as a teacher Hidetaka Nishiyama have adjust conditions of the time today and 21st century – the final blow-Toddome! Psychophysical totality, with all the attendant characteristics, determines categorically wazavi or ipon.

Categories that will be applied in Fudokan starting from 2012., that is, 2013. at 5th world championship to be held in November 2013 in Ashabat, Turkmenistan.

They were determined and they are:

  • light, up to 64 kg
  • halflight, from 64 to 69
  • medium, from 69 to 75
  • halfheavy, from 75 to 82
  • heavy, from 82 to 90
  • super heavy, over 90 kg

Themselves and completely separate is the absolute categorie where they present a complete requirements of Fudokan Traditional Karate – Kumite related.

The aforementioned classification was based on the total consideration on the basis of sex as a mature student and physiological standards, based on the existing gender studies from 1969 and ratified in 1971, that is , again analyzed and confirmed in 2010. By the recognized body made for that purpose.

As Fudokan karate is directed just with confirmation of the great axiom of the father of modern karate Gichin Funakoshi “Karate is one!” . Certainly it is the word about different approaches and therefor many stiles in ITKF and also in WKF are present. You will allow me to say that Sensei Nishiyama have recognized them and threated them at the same time as educational forms of karate. Unique standards are valid and with more less corrections are acceptable for ITKF and WKF. Any other interpretation has a commercial effect and self proclaimed ambitions of acters, and therefor for us are unacceptable.

With this concept of category’s for both sexes(with slight modifications for women), with keeping the standards of wazami and ipon – with adequate behavior of acters, I am truly convinced that this can really help in the process of unification , or at least turn it on for the overwhelming benefit of the karate in the world!
The third segment that can influence on the approaching not just ITKF and WKF, but all other organizations , and therefor not to influence their independence and specific anatomy is – the special form of Embuzen and Fukugo category. When we talk about prearranged sparring of two or more persons in form of related choreography , I am obliged to tell that Embu category is in Fudokan karate(which is called Kihon Futari Keiko)is dedicated to karate audience, viewer’s that is, which has caused on certain way the elimination of the right of demonstrations of Japanese instructors.

From year 2012 Embu discipline will be present in four forms:

  • Man – women category
  • Man – man
  • Women and 2 men
  • Man and  2 man

All 4 forms are represented in 2 figures of performance. So called obligatory form, where content of technic in sparring and choreography is determined as so as the time of actual duration.

And the other, so called free form of prearranged sparring which can have unlimited completely different content including different forms of fighting, acrobatics , in one word completely free choice of movements and technics from the acters. On that way we will have champion in obliged form but also a champion in free form, in many ways more attractive , free of stylish doctrine or any other form of fighting (judo, aikido, and so on), where can the same be included in performance and be present.

The free form of Enbu is the third possibility in the process of unification, that is, it allows to ITKF and WKF a free expression and the process of assessment will be on art impression- the presence of elements of sport gymnastic , art expression of acrobatics , that is individual choreography of acters.

We are aware of time and general position of karatekas in the world- it is certain that Fudokan has not caused so heavy antagonism of two sides. The laws of human rights present in Europe, exclude every exclusivity and less allows blackmails and conditioning of choice of karate style. For same reason Fudokan with completely opened eyes looks on all current events. One is certain, that is not guided by self proclaimed interest, it is guided only with karate of million people involved in it.

Fudokan gives, and is confident that has nothing to share or loose,karate this or that, can only win.

I belive whatever they want it or not, all responsible people can not and will not stop it, because the process of unification is here, it has already started!

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ilija JORGA
Soke 10 DAN
Technical Chairman WTFSKF
Founder of Fudokan