Invitation to Fudokan Academy “St.Prohor Pcinjski”

Published on 01/07/2016
Author: Fudokan

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Fudokan tradition continues!

St Prohor Pčinjski spiritual center of Fudokan karate in Europe

The monastery, which was founded in the 11th century ,the Academy of St Prohor Pčinjski ,unique institution for the
martial arts in the area of Europe - European Shaolin - reopens it`s doors to students - karate masters..

What is the Academy of St. Prohor Pčinjski?

The unique form of education where martial arts are practiced in its original roots. Academy of St. Prohor Pčinjski is an educational institution that cooperates with EPCD-Europiean Center for Peace and Development-International Faculty of sport, University of
Peace established by United Nations.

Academy is a traditional institution where the top experts from different disciplines:
Karate, Aiki-Jitsu, Bo-Jitsuu, Kobudo, Aikido,are educating newcomers with the specific practice form- all in purpose of nurturing the true meaning of the brotherhood idea of St. Prohor Pchinjski, regardless of race, ethnic, religious or social

All Fudokan newcomers will be provided of gaining a true Fudokan karateka values.Te very point of Academy existence is to form such generation of Fudokan instructors that will be capable to guide World Federation with maximum of responsibility and liability distinctive to Fudokan karatekas.

I’m truly looking forward to a new beginning of Fudokan Academy after a long break. I consider that the responsibility of each karate instructor is to verify their presence, their loyalty and devotion to Fudokan karate at Academy of St. Prohor Pchinjski.
This is more than a karate obligation.

Sensei Dr Ilija Jorga

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