In memoriam Sensei Merabi Okujava

Published on 26/01/2017
Author: Fudokan

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The anniversary of any thing in human life is a beautiful,
glorious, permanent but also sad moment.



The anniversary is, as a rule, accompanied by fanfare, but even flowers sometimes close their petals and birds shut up, the roar of the rivers stops.
The years pass by imperceptibly, so fast that from day to day month streams into month, alternating in an effort for our memories to fade.
I do not want to take part in it, I do not want nor can I forget a true friend, comrade and untried successor, Merabi Okujava!
With all my might I try to break away his lifework from oblivion. I want for all of you to know it constantly together with me, and to carry the feeling of irrecoverable loss of one remarkable man.
He touched you with the hand of the teacher, he taught you by encouraging you to persevere on the path of Fudokan.
With great power, with great dignity since the first time he set foot into Fudokan not spearing himself, he made Fudokan Great.
I know that many will say that it is life, and that it goes like that inevitably! The question arises what is life? Who are we and what are we? Why we are born?
He had a genuine reason, he knew why he was born and why he devoted whole his life to just one boundless passion of him, and that is Fudokan!
He made it recognizable, and hundreds and hundreds of followers, students, young people were and are his entourage, entourage of that proud Caucasian, and for that I thank him immensely.
It is too little to say and it sounds corny, but Mirabi, one day when we meet I will tell you that you were right, because your disciples and friends are flowers that you planted, and which never wither.
Today on your grave, in our souls they stand steadily and defiantly guard your work and yourself, my dear friend, from damn oblivion.




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